8 overhead garage storage ideas to inspire you
8 overhead garage storage ideas to inspire you

8 Overhead Garage Storage Ideas To Inspire You

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Garage is a place for your vehicles. To have a tidy garage look, it will be better for us to build overhead garage storage. It keeps the room clean and neat without break up the space. With mounted on ceiling, this storage help you to save boxes, bikes, and more. Check out these ideas to inspire you;

DIY Overhead Garage Racks


Prepare super big wooden board to create overhead garage racks. It can be in a term of open shelving unit like this picture. You can store your big pieces at this storage. Just make sure you hang it strongly. So, it will not fall down.

Homemade Suspended Garage Storage


This project can be done by anyone even with basic carpentry skills. Wooden board, wooden log, and extra long hook may be needed to create this garage storage. Store your goods overhead will keep space.

Ceiling-Mounted Surfboard


One of the best ways to keep surfboard is mounted it on the ceiling. Since surfboard is large enough, it will need wide space to keep it too. Saving it overhead is the best solution to keep your garage neat and tidy.

Long Brackets Storage


This overhead garage storage looks sophisticated and inviting. In this way, you can save more goods, whether it is big or small. Look! Even you can hang your bikes too. This is a wonderful storage that will keep your garage organized well.

Ceiling Storage


It is a simple storage that mounted on the ceiling. Whenever you want to save your goods, you can pull it down. The concept is like lift. So, you will feel easier to organize your goods on it.

Saferacks Storage


Overhead storage system helps you to clean your garage easily. Hang your bikes, baby stroller, and any other big things. Then, save your boxes on the top of this saferacks storage. Look how tidy your garage right now!

U-Shape Overhead Storage


This amazing garage storage is made from wooden board. With U-shape you can more goods, big and or small one. Having this overhead storage is completed well with lift system to ease you store anything.

Garage With Storage Cabinets And Overhead Ceiling Racks


This garage storage with wire provides you an easiest way to save your big goods. Hang it on the ceiling. Store your boxes by arranging them tidily.

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