9 bathroom designs with chandelier to gain luxurious touch
9 bathroom designs with chandelier to gain luxurious touch

9 Bathroom Designs With Chandelier To Gain Luxurious Touch

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Great lighting will create comfy bathroom. Put the light at the wrong spot will give you shadows. Choose the wrong bulb also will cause annoying design. For the one who love luxurious touch, use chandelier as bathroom lighting is nice. See these ideas;

Gorgeous Glam Bathroom Chandelier


Here it is a white bathroom that no needs large space. The owner applies glass window to gain natural light. Look! A gorgeous chandelier with different color create huge statement for this room that glam and inviting.

Mother-Of-Pearl Chandelier


Grey is neutral to any room, included for bathroom. It looks elegant with grey cabinet and sophisticated lamps hanged on the nook. Then, a touch of luxurious tone comes from a mother-of-pearl-chandelier hung on the ceiling

With Elegant Crystal Chandelier


This bathroom is designed for apartment or any house with small room. Look at the white bath and simple shelves on the nook that are simple. Then, glass window allows the room to get plenty of natural light.  The elegant crystal chandelier completes its view.

Gorgeous Art Deco Bathroom


White and black create elegant bathroom look without too dark atmosphere.  A crystal chandelier is enough to make this room seems more elegant and glamour. Then, look at the bathtub and the shower that give your options.

With A Traditional Crystal Chandelier


This is a cool bathroom design for you who love sleek look. The chandelier is hung over the bathtub for a touch of classic but inviting. White tile and black vanities are great combination to gain relaxing feel.

Faceted Frosted Glass Chandelier


What makes this bathroom looks chic is the uses of faceted frosted glass chandelier over the bathtub. Furthermore, a half white ruffled curtain gives us more personal area. Then a brown rug finishes this bathroom design very interesting.

With Sphere Chandelier


If you are a fan of traditional bathroom style, you can apply sphere chandelier. The application of shutter window gives you more personal nook. Then unique table is there to be used for storing your magazine or others.

A Stunning Contrasting Bathroom


The owner hangs a crystal chandelier to this vintage bathroom style. Combine with a metal tub for a touch of warm and relaxing feel. Then, a brick wall with a hearth is perfect combination that finishes this bathroom design.

Glamour Bathroom With Chandelier


This is a super luxurious bathroom that will blow your mind. See the jaw-dropping bathtub that is elegant with faceted design. Then, a chandelier hung over it looks awesome and glam too. You will never want to leave this place.


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