8 creative shoes planters for more unique and personal garden look
8 creative shoes planters for more unique and personal garden look

8 Creative Shoes Planters For More Unique And Personal Garden Look

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Are your old shoes already broken? Don’t throw them away! Using old shoes for planters is great decision. With this idea, you will gain a unique and personal garden look. Just find out some old shoes that will not worn anymore and repurpose them as flower planters. Check out these ideas;

Planters From Children Rain Boot


Change your kid’s cute boots as planters will add a tremendous view for your garden. It doesn’t need many things to do just fill the boots with soils and fertilizer. Then, plant your flowers on it.

A Pair Of Cowboy Boot Planters


Use a pair of cowboy boot as planters also will upgrade your porch look. Add some bricks to keep it stronger. So, it will not be broken up by wind. No need to repaint the boot. Let it with its ordinary color.

Shoes Planter With Sparkle


If you want to add glamour touch for your porch, you can copy this idea soon. When night comes, this amazing planter will give sparkles to the garden of front yard. Just fill the shoe with soil and plant any plants you love.

With Victorian Boot


Victorian will never go out of style. It adds vintage look with simple touch. Choose any Victorian boot colors to combine with red rose, white orchid, or more. If you love ancient style or want to get nostalgic feeling, try this soon.

Croc Planter


Croc shoe is more durable. So, it can be used for creating planters that will upgrade your porch decoration. No matter what the color is, croc will look cute and attractive planter.

Red Boot Planter


Look at this cute planter for your porch. With yellow and green polka dots, this planter looks awesome for outdoor decor. Further, you can use it for indoor garden too. Just be ready to care it every day.

Elegant Heel Planter


If your lovely heels are no longer used, repurpose them as planters looked as tremendous idea. Look at these elegant heel planters for indoor plant that will blow your mind.

Hanging Boots For Garden


Some boots that hung the fence will attract your mind directly. It seems like they are welcoming you to come in. Various colors and styles of boots add more interesting feeling.

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