8 fantastic faux fireplace ideas for brag-worthy piece
8 fantastic faux fireplace ideas for brag-worthy piece

8 Fantastic Faux Fireplace Ideas For Brag-Worthy Piece

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For you who live in apartment, condominium, or in a place with warm weather, it may be hard to create fireplace. However, you may adore fireplace for your living room. The best solution is creating faux fireplace. It will not give you dust. Moreover, you gain wonderful interior design. Check out these ideas to inspire you!

DIY Faux Fireplace From Bricks


Create a fantastic faux fireplace with bricks can add beautiful interior design to your living room. It doesn’t have to in big space, create the small one is okay. Since it is only a faux fireplace, you don’t need additional storage for the firewood.

Faux Fireplace With Storage


Adding extra storage for faux fireplace is great decision. It helps you to save your small things without clutter. The living room will be more organize well and look interesting with faux fireplace too.

Monogram Faux Fireplace


Monogram bring simple touch but inviting. It completed well with fall decor that will work for other season too. The brick that expose show us about warmth and cozy atmosphere.

White Faux Fireplace


It is not only the cubic that painted in white color, but the bricks too. There is a wall-mounted animal head over it that looks awesome. Then, beautiful garland hung beautifully on the mantel.

Faux Fireplace With Parquet


Faux fireplace with decorative mantel for Christmas will make your living room appear adorable. The parquet backdrop seems eye-catching and adds more textures to this faux fireplace. Look at the design that real inviting.

Faux Modern Fireplace


Black and white colors bring this faux fireplace into modern look. Some wooden logs make it look rustic. Further, a mirror on the mantel also enlightens this living room decoration. So, will you copy this idea soon?

Pine Boards Fireplace



It will not be burnt. So, you can create a faux fireplace by using pine board. Add basket with some logs on it to feel like real fireplace. Then, decorate the mantel with simple decoration too. It shows you a traditional look as well.

Romantic Faux Fireplace


You can get light from your faux fireplace too. See this idea with LED candle that bring light to your living room. It seems more romantic for you.

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