8 functional sunken bathtub design to get relaxing feel
8 functional sunken bathtub design to get relaxing feel

8 Functional Sunken Bathtub Design To Get Relaxing Feel

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Installing sunken bathtub will give you spa-like bathroom feel. Get relax and enjoy your time of taking a bath with a comfortable bathroom. Though it needs particular space to build, but will give you a spa-like bathroom. Combine with shower to give you more options. Sunken bathtub can be made from concrete, tiles, or the combination of both.

In Contemporary Bathroom


With panoramic view will give your more relaxing spot. Look at the unique stone of vanity that tells us more about mysterious feel but attractive. Don’t forget to apply perfect lighting. So it will not look too dark.

Simple And Neutral   Bathroom


This bathroom looks fresh and clean with stone and concrete material. The sliding door lets you to have more natural light. Further, a shower looks decorative too. Feel free to install green plants to add natural touch.

With A White Sunken Bathtub


If you want to build a less budget bathroom, use concrete. Like this bathroom that casual and simple. Even, it doesn’t need large space. Complete this bathroom decor by installing caddy or tray and a potted green plant.

Grey Tile Sunken Bathtub


This is a cool bathroom with white and black tile. The sunken is built with black tile that looks elegant. Then, the white tile used for wall that create larger and brighter look. A shower finishes this bathroom look.

Modern Bathroom With Sunken Bathtub


This is a super big sunken bathtub that will blow our mind. Add shower, TV console, and complete with glass door to look modern and chic. Whether you want to take a bath with hot or cold water, this area will give your tremendous experience.

Long Bathroom With Sunken Bathtub


Sunken bathtub can also be applied for a long square bathroom. Look at this bathroom with diagonal patterned wall and floor. This bathroom also filled with drawers to storage your essentials, towels, and more.

A Minimal Monochromatic Bathroom


What a wonderful bathroom is this. See, a minimal monochromatic bathroom also give us a nice view. The skylights let us see beautiful clouds. Sunken bath is perfect place to relaxing your body after long day working.

A Clean White Bathroom


Even a small space can give you more than you think. See this bathroom with sunken bathtub, shower room with skylight over it, and vanity. Moreover, the owner adds potted greenery. Awesome!


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