8 stylish ways to build pet food stations
8 stylish ways to build pet food stations

8 Stylish Ways To Build Pet Food Stations

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If you are a pet lover, building pet food stations is a must.  People usually build it in kitchen cabinet, kitchen island, or laundry cabinet. Get large drawer for big pet and vice versa. Just be creative to use empty space of your cabinet. Two bowls are enough for pouring your pet’s food. See these following ideas;

Elegant Pet Food Station


Use the space of your home office desk for food station is nice idea. Like this picture that shows us about pet food station at the bottom of cabinet. You can add a shelf over it to storage some jars too.

A Drawer With A Pet Feeding Station


Look at this pet feeding station with food storage too. Use a drawer of your cabinet and put a shelf for putting bowls. It will save the space of your room and will not make your room looks messy. Moreover, the location that near window is comfy.

With An Incorporated Pet Food Station


The bottom space of your kitchen cabinet can be more useful. Use it for pet food station. It will not make your kitchen looks annoying. With two bowls, you will see a sleek and clean pet food station for your lovely pet.

Pet Food On Kitchen Island


The under space of kitchen island can be more functional if you use it for pet food station. See this wooden countertop that looks cohesive with wooden food station. This is simple idea but efficient and sleek.

Pet Food Station With Lights


Kitchen island with food station at one side of it looks amazing. Even, the owner adds lights to brighten this space. Moreover, it has drawers for dog or cat accessories too. White color makes it larger and cleaner.

With An Additional Table


If you don’t have empty drawer on your cabinet, just give additional table. Build dog or cat feeding station with two or more bowls at the lower part. Then, add some jars for supplier organizer. The marble countertop makes it awesome.

Food Station With Marble


This is a stylish food station with marble. Just take one of your kitchen island nook to build this space. See, it looks decorative too.

Upholstered Kitchen Windowsill Bench


If you have space at windowsill, fill it with bench that has storage underneath. Look how functional this space. It can be used for reading nook, a place to rest for a while, and pet food station. So, Why don’t you build it for your pet too?


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