8 bathrooms with skylight to take a bath under the heat of the sun
8 bathrooms with skylight to take a bath under the heat of the sun

8 Bathrooms With Skylight To Take A Bath Under The Heat Of The Sun

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Skylight for bathroom helps us to get more light without adding more lamps. Even, it add decorative element that become a timeless trend. Skylight can be built on the ceiling or the space near the ceiling. If you want to use skylight for bathroom, check out our ideas below;

Attic Bathroom With Skylight


For the one who dreams for a warm bathroom look, see this idea. Look at the wooden wall that works well with wooden floor fir a touch of rustic tone. Then , modern furniture items improves its look. A skylight over it completes this design.

Bathroom With Wooden Elements


This is a white bathroom that anybody will dream for. See how we will feel like taking a bath under the sky by its skylight feature. The use of wooden floor adds warm effect that brings back our spirit to do any tasks today.

Modern Bathroom With Skylight


See the blue backdrop that take as the focal interest of this bathroom. You will feel like taking a bath under the heat of the sun. Then, white color wall bring this area to appear larger and sleek. Even, you can copy this design for small area too.

Sleek Bathroom With Skylight


This area is located at attic space but look larger. The skylight upgrades its look with natural light along the day. Then, the white color tile keeps this bathroom to appear bright at night. A green wall refreshes its look too.

A Contemporary Bathroom With Skylight


Who wouldn’t adore this bathroom? Look at the skylight with some pendant lights hung on it. Then, a wooden door vanity with round ceramic seems really eye-catching. Even the large mirror reflects this bathroom beauty very well.

Simple Bathroom With Natural Light


If you love simple style, this is a recommended bathroom design for you. See the white tile of shower room that looks clean pair with concrete floor. The skylight makes it brighter. Even the beams also looked interesting.

Bathroom With Decorative Glass Skylight


Why don’t you try to use decorative glass for skylight? It will add texture and pattern to your bathroom. Even, the owner of this bathroom applies flower wallpaper to spruce it up. This bathroom is done perfectly for cheerful atmosphere.

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