8 car theme bedrooms for kids that will make them swoon
8 car theme bedrooms for kids that will make them swoon

8 Car Theme Bedrooms For Kids That Will Make Them Swoon

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Designing kid’s bedroom needs to consider the gender. When you have a girl, it will be better to decorate the room with cute accent. Then, for boys, choose accent that shows masculine appeal. There are many themes that can be applied for both, one of them is car. Eventually, designing car theme for boys is much easier than girls. Check out further below;

An Industrial Looking Bedroom


What an amazing bedroom for kid. See how industrial style can be implied for kid’s bedroom too. The car is classic, some vintage stuffs, and neutral earthy tone color wall complete this bedroom very well, boys or girls.

Nice Space For A Boy


This is a fantastic bedroom for boys that blow their mid. See how the wall decorated with mural clouds with framed picture. Then, look at the car with striped color bedding and pillow.  Even the view outside is nice too.

A Vintage Themed Bedroom


Vintage lovers should build this bedroom for their kids. See a vintage truck with beige bedding color that looks calm and cool. Then, the wall with orange color brings warm sensation. Even the backdrop with gravity is more than awesome.

With Nice Adventure


For girls or boys who love adventure will adore this bedroom. See the car bed that will give your kids wonderful experience. We make sure that your kids will get their sweet dream tonight sleeping at this bed.

Teens Car Bedroom Theme


Your teens also could afford car bedroom theme. This picture shows us about a bedroom with wonderful car theme headboard. Then, some car accessories are on the wall as wall accents. Teen boys will spend their leisure time here.

A Simple Bedroom With A Wall Mural


What about this bedroom with tremendous wall mural? See how this area asks your kids to imagine that they are on a race. Every morning, they will wake up with fire to catch their dream as a car racer.

Road Look Like


Red bedroom with cars will boost your kids’ mood every day. See how the red car, red drawers with all car collections spruce this room. Even there is a rood to feel look like sleeping in a real street. What dream bedroom!

With Play Area


if you are lucky with large bedroom space, create this sophisticated bedroom. See how a red car bed works well with fuel station. Even, see the ceiling that filled with could mural and a great lantern hung beautifully.

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