8 amazing crafts with buttons for sophisticated home items
8 amazing crafts with buttons for sophisticated home items

8 Amazing Crafts With Buttons For Sophisticated Home Items

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Dare to be more creative? Try to create something useful from buttons. Some people use button for crafting shoes, clothes, pr bags. However, you can try to make different thing. Why don’t you try to create home items with buttons? It will improve your room decoration with little price.

Wind Chimes From Button


Adding wind chimes is nice for beautiful home accent. Wind chimes can be from anything, included buttons with different color. What you need to prepare is button with different color and size. So, it will look beautiful.

Sophisticated Candle Holder


Design your room to look more romantic by using this sweet candle holder. Even it looks decorative too. Just prepare buttons with same size and color. Then, attach them to the glass with glue. You can do the same ways for bigger glass.

Wooden Tray With Buttons


Buttons can create huge effect for your fragile or other household equipment. Like this amazing white wooden tray with buttons. Though they are in various size, color, and pattern but the appearance is attractive.

Button Tree Wall Art


This wall art is amazing. With white canvas, draw a tree with branches and fill with various buttons. Play with different size and color to look more attractive. Hang it and the wall. It can be a great art for living room, dining room, or other rooms as you like.

Throw Pillow With Colorful Buttons


With simple sewing skill, you can create this cute throw pillow. Add some buttons with different color and size to look more attractive. Then add ribbon to complete its look. This is pretty easy and cute for your living room seating.

Creative Clock With Buttons


What about this amazing clock? It doesn’t need to take high price. You need to prepare a wooden circle, a burlap, and clock machine. This clock with your own design will add personal touch.

Wreath With Buttons


Look at this cute wreath to welcome your guest. It is cool, right? White and red buttons with various size and patterns will directly blow our mind. This wreath seems wonderful for Christmas, but you can use it for any season.

Lampshade With Buttons


Upgrade your lamp design by adding buttons. Take buttons and attach them on the lampshade by using glue. Apply for whole surface or just at a part of it. 

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