8 artistic ceiling decor ideas to gain whimsical nursery room
8 artistic ceiling decor ideas to gain whimsical nursery room

8 Artistic Ceiling Decor Ideas For Whimsical Nursery Room

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Adding artwork to nursery room will upgrade its look. Consider the room theme as well. Then, you need to think about gender too, whether the room is designed for girl or boy. One of the best ways to add artwork instead of using wall surface is ceiling. Apply mural, painting, or fabric to design ceiling with whimsical touch.

Magical Nursery Room


Add magic for nursery room is not hard. Just apply this mural ceiling. It seems like you are in a magical place with full off unique things. Then, see the chandelier that luxurious. Further, apply wallpaper with natural pattern.

Elegant Ceiling Look


What a dreamy nursery room. Even, it is gender neutral as well. See how the ceiling is painted with wonderful mural. The clouds will always bring more spirit when we see them. So, installing clouds on the nursery room is nice idea.

Red Damask Ceiling


Make your little girl dream comes through. Most girls have a dream to become a princess. See this room with royal touch. Then, the ceiling is awesome with red touches. Gain more royal ambience by adding other luxurious accents.

Wavy Fabric Ceiling


This ceiling idea with wavy fabric seems sophisticated. You will feel calm and relax. The addition of chandelier also adds unique touch. This idea also can be applied for adult bedroom ceiling too. You may change with other colors for more cheerful touch. But, white is better for this bedroom.

Sleep Under The Sky


We recommend this ceiling look for kids who love adventure. See how the fan is designed look like an airplane. It seems like your kids will go to outer space. Further, the room looks warmer and will gain your kids to get beautiful dream.

Fabric For Ceiling


Instead of applying wall mural, it will be better for us to add fabric on the ceiling. Choose the pattern that your kids will love. Apply white color wall to have it larger and brighter. Feel free to add more toys for decorative accents too.

Sky With Full Of Colors


This is a pretty cute kids room with full of colors on the ceiling. Luckily, this room is design well for any gender, boy or girl. Further, you can see storage underneath that helps you to keep your kids toys, dolls, or more.

Purple Sky Ceiling


Children love purple, especially for girls. This kid’s bedroom is design to gain more fantasy. Look at the purple tent that blends with ceiling decor. Them the floor with rectangular shape looks modern and fresh.

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