8 Less Budget Creative Crafts With Yarn To Upgrade Your Room Decoration

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Crafting will make you see how creative you are. Create crafts for home items using yarns is brilliant. It is because you will only take little price. Show your imagination through crafting with yarn and give personal touches. Check out these ideas to inspire you!

Lighting Feature With Yarn


To give more personal touch for your hanging lamp, try this project. What you need to have are a glue gun, thick wire, yarn, thin cardboard, and parcel paper. If you love more colorful item, you can choose other colors too.

Ombre Yarn Bottle


Adding this yarn bottle will add colorful touches to your room decor. To create this amazing craft, you need to prepare colorful yarns. Give ombre for more attractive vases that will improve your room look.

Modern Wreath From Yarn


Adding wreath for front door is wonderful idea. If you wish to have modern wreath for your house, try this yarn wreath. It will only take less than an hour to create. Further, add burlap for more attractive look.

Simple Yarn Wall Hanging


This is a simple wall hanging that anyone can make it alone. Just provide a wall hook, a metal ring, and yarn. Feel free to use different color for more attractive look. However, you need to match it with your room theme.

Hanging Planter With Yarn


Terracotta pot that covered with yarn is amazing for hanging planter. It gives you more personal touch since you create it with your own creation.  You will need mod podge, paint brush, and hot glue gun to attach the yarn.

Pom Pom Yarn For Basket


Make your bathroom looked more cheerful by adding this beautiful yarn project that colorful. You need to by the basket, but the colorful pom pom can easily to make. Make sure that you have prepared thin floral wire, wire cutter, scissors, pom pom makers and of course the colorful yarn.

Beautiful Pom Pom Rug


Do you wish to have wonderful item for welcoming your guest? See this idea. Create a pom pom rug with colorful yarn is great. It will help you to keep your room clean and functions as decorative accent for your hallway too.

Cute Yarn Clock


Another idea to upgrade your room decoration with yarn project is giving frame for clock. Use colorful yarn and knit it with basic garter stitch.  This project will be done in less than two hours.

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