8 bedrooms with multi-colored drapes for magnificent look
8 bedrooms with multi-colored drapes for magnificent look

8 Bedrooms With Multi-Colored Drapes For Magnificent Look

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Are you looking for the ideas of using multi-colored drapes? There are two or more colors drapes that will be fit to your bedroom design. Drapes may take as the last touch of your bedroom decor. So, you need to choose the best style. Multi-colored bedroom will upgrade your bedroom. Choose whether vertical or horizontal stripes drapes.

With Contrast Colored Drapes


Look at this amazing bedroom with contrast colored drapes. We love the wooden floor and bed that add natural touch for this modern design. Then, the white color wall makes this room brighter and larger.

With Fun Drapes


Design your bedroom to look fun and pretty with simple colorful drapes. Combine with jar with similar color. The designer also adds white mirror on this bedroom nook for a touch of classic but elegant bedroom appearance.

Minimalist Masculine-Ish Bedroom


This is a masculine bedroom with grey color that looks cool and warm. See how blue and grey drapes come to finish this bedroom design to appear neutral but inviting. Even the dark leather chair also supports this bedroom theme.

Ravishing And Stylish


When you come to this bedroom, you will directly take a look on the drapes that elegant. With silver and yellow color, the drapes give funky color touch. See the lamp that hangs right over the bed is for sophisticated look.

Sea Island Look Like


The designer tries to show sea island look-like bedroom decoration. Take a look further at this room with green and blue drapes that work well with the blue rug. Even the ceiling is also in light blue color that looks bright and eye-catching.

Earthy Color Bedroom


For a touch of calm and relaxing bedroom, you need to apply earthy color. This picture shows us about the uses of earthy colors on the bed, deer heads, and the drapes. Enjoy your time to get better rest at this bedroom.

Retro Beach Bedroom


Seeing this bedroom will remind us about the sensation of beach. With yellow, grey, and white, this bedroom tells us about retro style. Even, there are many white and black framed pictures on the wall as classic gallery.

Candy-Colored Drapes


If you love cheerful bedroom look, see this picture. Apply candy-colored drapes for more attractive bedroom decor. Combine with bright color chairs for more attractive bedroom appearance.

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