8 living rooms with contemporary indoor planters to add natural touch
8 living rooms with contemporary indoor planters to add natural touch

8 Living Rooms With Contemporary Indoor Planters To Add Natural Touch

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Indoor plants are nice to attach fresh air. For someone who loves to plant, indoor plants are interesting. If you love plants and want to plant them inside, we mean on the living room, use planters. Contemporary planters are great for any living room theme. Check out these ideas further;

With White Planters


If you don’t mind to have indoor plant that looked like a grasses, try this awesome plants. With white planters among dark furniture items, those planters are seen as major interest that will blow your guest mind.

Large Vases


Large vase is for large plants. Look at this idea with tremendous planter that will make you swoon. The designer build glass doors to keep the plants grow well with more natural light. Overall, this is a fresh living room to rest your mind.

Funky Living Space


The designer applies blue and green in one living room. But those appear as great combination. See how blue sofa works well with peacock feather prints on the rug. Then, the black cabinet gives more statement after rectangular planter.

White Cool Planter


Instead of using this cool planter for outdoor plants, the owner of this house chooses to apply for living room. With white color, it looks bright at night that looked as the living room focal point. If you like to add more texture, this planter can be one option.

Shiny And Silver


Modern living room with shiny and silver planters is sophisticated. With grey sofa and brown wooden floor, this area will make you get back your mood. Then, natural light also will come easily through the glass door.

Wall Planters On Living Room


The animal head already takes apart as major interest. But, the wall plants seem more eye-catching. The planters are in unique pattern that work well with contemporary design. Plant succulents, cacti, or others indoor plant as you wish.

Planters By The Shelf


This living room comes with brick walls with mirror and two black vases hung on shelf. Those planters stand out and look attractive against the brick wall. Furthermore, put them over the fireplace is awesome.

Big Black Vase


It needs to have big area to build this amazing living room. See how big black vases act as major statement. When your guest comes to this area, he or she will directly see vases with plants that look incredible.

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