8 creative diy industrial shelving units made of pipes and woods
8 creative diy industrial shelving units made of pipes and woods

8 Creative DIY Industrial Shelving Units Made OF Pipes And Woods

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Industrial style will not only limit to masculine look. You are free to use industrial furniture for modern, farmhouse or other room style. If you have enough time this week, try to create industrial shelving unit. The use of pipe and wood will only take little price. Check out these ideas further;

With Plumber Pipes


You can use this shelving to display your favorite items and collections. Put this on your backyard and or hallway to help you storage fragile items or other household equipment. With wooden planks and pipes, this shelving looks rustic but attractive.

Effective Entertainment System


Create your entertainment center by using pipes and wood. See this amazing industrial shelving that utilized for storing entertainment items like radio, TV set, and other stuffs. It will add unique furniture for your living space.

Fantastic Industrial Shelves


If you need to install additional storage at your home office, this industrial shelving may be fit to your needs. Hang this industrial shelf over your desk to put anything. It can be related to your projects or not.

Industrial Floating Shelves


Floating shelves will save your room space. Use some woods and hang them on the wall. Keep them strong by using hook. Arrange your books, globe, or other stuffs at the floating shelves to make your room tidier and cleaner.

Large Storage Unit


By using pipes and woods, create this large storage to keep your goods and frames and others. Fill the empty space of your living room with this simple storage. With floor-to-ceiling shelving unit, it will keep more stuff with various sizes.

Impressive Industrial Shelving


Do you need additional storage for your kitchen? Take a look at this industrial shelving to store your herbs, jars, or more. However, you need to have a big space. This shelving can be used for laundry room storage too.

Industrial And Modern Shelving Unit


A DIY shelving unit with industrial touch but also modern will be amazing for your living room nook. With black color, this shelving looks chic and neat. Put on your crystal, magazines, or others. Since dark color is neutral, it can be combined well with any furniture items.

Lovely Shabby-Chic


When you only have little space for your bathroom, adding this floating shelving unit is brilliant. Keep your essentials and other items at this. Even, you can add hanging potted greenery. It seems retro look and awesome.

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