8 ingenious diy light switch plate ideas to improve your wall decor
8 ingenious diy light switch plate ideas to improve your wall decor

8 Ingenious DIY Light Switch Plate Ideas To Improve Your Wall Decor

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Switch light is important item. Some people may avoid it, but it takes major function to our lighting. Why don’t you try to make it more interesting? Give it covers, frame, or paint to upgrade its look that also means to improve your room decor. Check out these DIY light switch plates ideas below;

Printed Switch Plates


You need to prepare medium weight card stock to create these cute switch plates. Then, use good quality craft glue to attach the card stock on the wall switch plates. Be creative to design any pictures for it like flowers, birds, or more.

Gold Leaf Light Switch


Give a touch of gold for wall switch plate will directly changes its appearance. No need certain technique. Just cut the gold paper diagonally and attach it on the switch plate. Voila! This is pretty awesome, right?

Magazine Clippings Switch Plate


If you have old newspaper or magazine, use it to create this classic switch plate. Cover the wall switch plate with newspaper by using glue. Then, it will dramatically change your switch plate look. Incredible, isn’t it?

Sticky Notes Switch Plate


This is a very easy craft that anyone can do in less than 30 minutes. Just buy sticky notes. Cut the center of it for switch. Then attach the sticky notes on the wall switch plates. Write down messages on it for your family.

Light Switch Frame


Add little bit texture to your wall switch plate to look more personal. Like this picture of switch plate with white frame. Feel free to create other patterns and colors. This is pretty easy project that will add tremendous effect to your switch plate.

Switch Plate With Fabric


This is a super easy craft that will blow your mind. See how patterned fabric can cover switch plate and dramatically changes its look. There are various fabric patterns that may look attractive for your wall switch plate.

Mosaic Light Switch Plate


Cover your wall switch plate with glass or beads or anything that can be used for creating mosaic. Play with colors and textures for more eye-catching look. This is a simple but pretty switch plate.

Marbled Switch Plate


What an amazing idea is this. Furthermore, you don’t need to spend money at all. Just use your nail polish to give marble pattern for your switch plate. Wait till it dry. Then, attach it on the wall. Sure, it is decorative and sweet.

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