8 kitchens with curtain to protect you from the heat of sun and cold
8 kitchens with curtain to protect you from the heat of sun and cold

8 Kitchens With Curtain To Protect You From The Heat Of Sun And Cold

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Curtain for kitchen is to act as jewel. Furthermore, it has other functions like protect the kitchen from the heat and cold. Even, it can be used to give privacy area too. Feel free to combine sheer curtain, blackout, or printed drapes to beautify your cooking space. Here we have examples of using curtain for kitchen that may inspire you;

Kitchen With Blackout Drapes


What about this kitchen with blackout drapes. This curtain is thick enough. So, you will not feel hot when cook your most favorite food at day. Choose any colors that will be fit to your cooking space theme.

Kitchen Country With Curtain


This pretty awesome kitchen comes with sheer curtain that still allow this space to get natural light. The printed sheer curtain is used for window. Then, the plain sheer drape is for the door. With rustic look, this cooking space will make you feel warm.

With Printed Striped Valance


Even a small window of your kitchen can be looked amazing. See this idea of applying printed valance in scallops for a touch of elegant look. Further, cupped sheer completes its look very well. Overall this cooking space is awesome.

Red And White Kitchen


Anytime you want to see the view outside, just open the curtain. Look! Even when the curtain is closed you will see a wonderful kitchen look with red curtain and white cooking space. This is a great place to feel relax and calm.

Classic Kitchen With Pink


This is a totally amazing cooking space with pink curtain. You will feel like in a princess room. The curtain comes to complete this area with elegant touch. Even the chandelier is perfect lighting to combine with the all furniture items here.

Cupped Red Drapes


The designer of this cooking space tries to choose retro theme. Look at the combination of red and white backsplash that awesome. Then red pendants are pretty unique. The red curtain gives this classic room felt more inviting.

Lovely Kitchen With Earthy Color


It doesn’t matter to apply drapes and sheer fabric for window. Even, this layering style makes this cooking space seem more interesting. The use of earthy color brings this room into warmer condition.

With Opera Curtains


This cooking space uses opera curtains for the window that seems elegant. Then, blackout drapes for the bigger window. With beige or earthy color kitchen, you will feel calm and relax whenever comes to this area.

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