8 sophisticated bathrooms with bricks that will inspire you
8 sophisticated bathrooms with bricks that will inspire you

8 Sophisticated Bathrooms With Bricks That Will Inspire You

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Brick is traditional, but you can use it for modern bathroom design too. When you decide to install bricks for bathroom, don’t be afraid to combine it with other materials like tile, granite, concrete, wood, and soon. It will create sophisticated bathroom look.

Great Combination


The use of brown granite is actually eye-catching. Then, white bathtub creates pretty and comfortable look. The use of bricks on the upper wall is nice for a touch of classic look. It seems great with skylight on the ceiling.

With Minimalist Lavatory Area


Applying brick walls as vanity backdrop shows unfinished aura. However it becomes the major interest of this spot. No need to apply much paint. This lavatory area already designed well as minimalist bathroom.

More Funky Aura


Bricks don’t always mean classic or vintage. This bathroom tells us about the use of bricks also makes a room look funky and modern too. Combine with faux brick walls and glass door with modern furniture items too.

Special And Funky


Look at this bathroom design with white door that bright. Then, the wooden floor adds warmer sensation along with brick walls. The use of granite brings this bathroom to look sleek and tidy without break up the theme.

Pretty And Sophisticated


Red brick walls will add warm condition to a bathroom. Like this bathroom that filled with black bathtub and black glossy tiles. Overall, this is a great and neat bathroom with diagonal grey floor too. Get relax and calm.

White Bathroom With Bricks


Can you find out where the bricks? This bathroom is full with white color. The brick walls behind the mirror are clean and tidy. Furthermore, you can see two sconces complete this bathroom to look more interesting.

Classic Touch With Bricks


You can see the area that uses bricks for wall is powder room. Though the furniture items look modern, but the bricks give classic touch. Moreover, this area looked as the focal interest among others. This is a calm bathroom, isn’t it?

With Bricks Floor


What about this bathroom look? You can see how the owner adds bricks for bathtub and floor that so personal. With white tile walls, this bathroom shows bricks clearly. This is a simple design that anyone can copy.

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