A laneway house with unique design that will blow our mind
A laneway house with unique design that will blow our mind

A Laneway House With Unique Design That Will Blow Our Mind

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Have you known about laneway house? Usually it is a common house style that can be found in west coast of Canada. It comes with a form of house with pre-existing lots. This house style is open concept. So that, you can see the view outside, whether backyard or back lane.


Let see this house building that unique and eye-catching. See the patio and garden that shared well with the main house. The shape of this house tells us more about a modern home design. Even, we can see a little part this house interior design.


This modern house stands out. See the round window that will directly attract your attention. Then, the walls with shingle-covered shows you rectangular and square pattern that real interesting. Dark color gives this building strong character.


Take a look at this space with minimal custom design furniture. White walls make it brighter and larger. Then, a light wood slat cabinet is not only for storage but also decorative accent. We can see a dining set right there that looks out onto the garden. The dining seating is also in white which elegant and appealing.


Furthermore, this living room uses L-shaped couch with neutral color. It is completed well with some pillows with different pattern and color. The table is little bit classic but blends with this living room theme. Then, an ottoman stands out with its dark blue color.


This kitchen is located beside the living room. The owner chooses to apply small kitchen with minimum furniture items. The cabinet and sink are in white color. So, it looks bright, clean, sleek, and large. Bay window kitchen look make it easy to afford natural light.


Then, still in the area of living room where we can see the stairs for going up too. This is a modern staircase with minimalist design. Made of wood with sophisticated railing, this space shows us about simple design but interesting. Even, we can use the space under the stairs for storage to keep books, magazine, and stuffs.


Now, we will see this laneway house bedroom design. The owner loves white for bedroom as well. Even the bedding style also uses white duvet and white pillows with pattern. There is a unique window shape over the drawers also eye-catching. Even, this bedroom also provides white wooden shelves to keep your books and others.


The last, let us see the outdoor look of this house. The walls consist of black board which combined well with white door with glass windows at each side. This is very unique and appealing modern house design.


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