How to install bamboo for pretty and artful bathroom look
How to install bamboo for pretty and artful bathroom look

How To Install Bamboo For Pretty And Artful Bathroom Look

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Bamboo is a huge trend that will blow our mind. It is not only natural but also artistic. Installing furniture items from bamboo will create warm atmosphere. No matter what your house style is, bamboo will beautify your room. Luckily, you don’t have to spend much time too. Just mix and match bamboo accent carefully. So, it will not look too much. Check out these ideas further;

Cabinets Made From Bamboo


A powder room should be in bright condition. Installing bright cabinet made from bamboo is nice. It gives artistic look and functional. Save your towels, essentials, soap, or other bathroom items. Let this spot look sleek.

Green Bamboo Indoor


Planting bamboo trees inside your bathroom is tremendous. It adds green touch and natural feel without spending much budget. See how bamboos work well with unique bathtub at this red bathroom.

With Bamboo Stairs


Installing bamboo for bathroom will not just in a term of plants. It can be as a stairs. Like this picture shows us a bamboo stair that used for towel storage. Even, it adds rustic element. See how this area looks sleek and tidy with glass window too.

Bathroom Rainforest


It is awesome to add wallpaper or mural with rainforest picture for bathroom wall. Get fresher atmosphere and eye-catching bathroom look without hard effort. The bamboo tile is the best flooring to complete this bathroom design.

With Bamboo-Themed Wallpaper


Green bathroom with bamboo-themed wallpaper will boost our mood any time we take a bath. See the real bamboo that stands against the wall. Use it for towel storage is nice to minimize clutter and save the space.

With Bamboo Sticks


This is a large bathroom with Jacuzzi that will make us feel relax and calm. See the bamboo sticks that stand against the wall for warmer sensation. See the glass window that will let you gain more natural light.

Bamboo Look Like


Enjoy your time to take a bath with this awesome and relaxing tile. The pattern is looked like bamboo with green color. Furthermore, this bathroom is designed well in shade of green.

With Bamboo Wall


Look at this cute bathroom with bamboo wall. Even the bamboo divides toilet and vanity in a great way. If you love natural feel for your modern bathroom, this bamboo wall will look attractive and give you warm feel.

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