8 ideas to apply wainscoting for more textural wall decor
8 ideas to apply wainscoting for more textural wall decor

8 Ideas To Apply Wainscoting For More Textural Wall Decor

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If you want to change your room decor this year, try to apply wainscoting. Surprisingly, it can be painted or stained to match with your desired room decoration. With wood as the basic material for wainscoting, the room will be warmer and softer. This will make your room

With White Wainscoting


Dark colored wall for bathroom is awesome and elegant. Then, combine with white wainscoting to get more personal touch. Then, marble tile floor finishes this design with sleek and clean look.

Grey Paneling On The Walls


Grey color is cool and luxurious for bathroom. Marble hexagon tiles add a touch of modern look. Then, grey paneling bring this room into warm sensation. For the one who loves minimalist bathroom, this idea will be a great example.

With Black Wainscoting


Dark bathroom with floral wallpaper will make you feel relax. Combine it with black wainscoting for more cohesive look. Further, the powder room is nice with white color and a tremendous rectangular mirror.

Neutral Nursery Room


The designer of this room uses black accent wall to accentuate this nursery room. Further, it combined well with wainscoting to look contrast but chic. Then, fill this space with armchair, ottoman, rug, and cowhide too.

Creamy Paneling On The Walls


To have a cozy bedroom, you can apply creamy paneling on the walls. Choosing cream for bedroom will give you brighter and larger look. Add dark colored elements to finish the decor like brown rug and black blanket.

With Dark Green Beadboard


Dark green is cool. Look at the wall and wainscoting that bring this room into more elegant appearance. The role of black tub improves its design very well. This space is refreshing and will boost our mood anytime we wish.

With Dark-Stained Wainscoting


This is a real masculine living room with textual wallpaper. It combined well with dark-stained wainscoting. The uses of brown couch and dark brown side table also complete this room design.

With Light Grey Paneling


Applying wainscoting for whole wall part is awesome too. Look at this dining space that calm and rustic with classic chandelier and wooden seating. Choose the spot that near glass window to gain plenty natural light.


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