8 Sleek Bedrooms With Storage Under Bed To Give Space

8 sleek bedrooms with storage under bed to give space

It is important to have more storage, whether you have space or not. What about the one who has small bedroom? Installing a bed with drawers is nice idea. There are plenty beds with sleek design that completed with storage under it. See these following ideas below!

Cute Modern Bedroom


Do you want to build a cute modern bedroom for our boy? Take a look at this tremendous design. With robot picture, this bedroom already tells us about boy toys. Then see the robots on the shelves. If you have more robots, save at the drawers under bed.

With  Farmhouse Feel


For a bedroom with farmhouse feel, you can see the use of exposed beams. This design works well for attic bedroom. See the home office and reading nook that give more functional spot. The built-in cabinet is also awesome.

For Small Apartment


If you live in a small apartment or condominium or just a bedroom with small area, drawers under bed is great solution. You can save your clothes, toys, shoes, or other stuffs easily without break up the space.

A Simple Bedroom In Gray


Your boy will love this grey and white bedroom with simple touch. Look at the home office nook with grey touch too that looks awesome. Give more glass windows for better lighting.

With Light Blue Colors


This boy’s room will attract your attention. See the light blue color of walls, bedding, and carpet that will boost any one mood. The drawers in it will help you to save toys and other stuffs tidily.

Elegant Bedroom With Storage


It has brick walls that painted in white color, but the bedroom appears elegant. See the bed with storage that will allow you to organize your small stuffs like shoes socks, books, or others.

Modern White Bedroom


This white bedroom with beautiful headboard with floating shelves is sophisticated. Look at the drawers on it for saving your magazines, electronic devices, or other stuffs. Even , you can add a chair with different pattern too.

Storage Platform Bed


Do you live in a small apartment? Don’t worry! You still can save some books, clothes, and or shoes without clutter. Install a bed with dresser. It will save the space and keep the room tidy.

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