8 ideas to add citrus for christmas decor that you will love
8 ideas to add citrus for christmas decor that you will love

9 Ideas To Add Citrus For Christmas Decor That You Will Love

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Have you thought over about Christmas decoration for your home? Why don’t you try to add citrus? It will give nice smell and awesome look. Dried citrus also brings classic touch that improves your decor for Christmas.

Citrus With Branch


Slice a citrus hang it with thread on a branch for window decoration. It is a simple way to give nice smell and beautiful look.

Citrus In A Glass


This is a simple decor that will not only give good smell but also decorative look. Add a cinnamon for more refreshing smell. Put it at anywhere at your home, whether on the dining table, office desk, entryway, or others.

Faux Christmas Three


What a fantastic decor is this! Some citruses with other stuffs look awesome and give your room better smell. Use it for decorative accent for your living room table. Further, anybody can copy this style easily.

Citrus For Table


You will get a tremendous table decor with citrus that arranged in a tree shape. It looks cool for your living room table. Even, this accent will be the focal interest of your room. Everyone will be happy to see this decor.

Citrus For Station


If you want to hold a party, you need to consider the storage for fragile items. Look at this tremendous idea to add citrus on your glass station. Furthermore, this furniture will be easy to move anywhere.

Citrus Wreath


Get more refreshing room with citrus wreath hang on your front door. Let it with some leaves with more natural touch. Hang it on your wall or window will look attractive too. Feel free to add other wreath accents like flowers or other.

Citrus For Stairs


Get more experience stepping your foot with this wonderful stairs. Look at the citrus that give color for the dark stairs. You may use this idea to decorate your stair for Christmas or other holiday celebration.

Citrus For Mantel Decor


Upgrade your living room with fruits will also improve its look. When you want to add citrus, use it as garland. Combine with other decorative accents like bulbs, pinecones, or more.

Hanging Citrus


Citrus will give you nice smell whether for indoor or outdoor. Combine with greenery and hang it on your porch. Add other decorative elements to beautify it. Take stars or lights or bulb.



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