8 lighting ideas to highlight the height of living room ceiling
8 lighting ideas to highlight the height of living room ceiling

8 Lighting Ideas To Highlight The Height Of Living Room Ceiling

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When it comes to get brighter living room, we talk about lighting. It might be with chandelier, pendant lamp, or ceiling medallion, and or the combination of those items. Lighting will accentuate the beauty of your architectural ceiling design too. Further, this space will look more elegant and sophisticated. Upgrade your living room with these lighting ideas below;

With Built-In Lights


To get more relaxing mood at living room, you can highlight the ceiling with built-in lights. Add inner lights along the perimeter to maximize the lights. So, the living room will look calm to get better rest.

Hanging Glass Pendant Lamps


This grey living room will get better lighting with hanging glass pendant lamps. Furthermore, the lighting create bold statement. Overall, this living room is awesome with modern touch.

Colored Glass Pendant Lamp


Look at the lamp that modern and futuristic. It is completed well with medallion that will blow our mind. Even, you still be able to add more lighting fixtures with candles and or floor lamp. The room looks more romantic.

Branch Chandelier


The ceiling is bright and clean with white color. It has branch-look chandelier that look unique and inviting. See the room with grey wall that neutral to mix and match with any furniture items. This is modern and glam living room for you.

With Dark Beaded Chandelier


If you want to boost your mood, apply this design for your living room. See the dark beaded chandelier that gives boho touch. With bold wall color, this living room seems mysterious but attractive with more green plants.

Geometric Pendant Lamps


For a living room with mid-century modern style, you can install geometric pendant lamps. This area will give you warm sensation at fall. However, you will never upset to spend leisure time at summer at this place too.

Catchy Mid-Century Modern Chandelier


Look at this eye-catching mid-century modern chandelier that works well with ceiling medallion! With neutral color, this space work beautifully as a relaxing spot. Pay attention to add floor lamp too.

With Gorgeous Black Chandelier


This living room is designed well in white color, even the ceiling. The owner chooses to use black chandelier that stands out and be the focal interest of this space. Do you love this idea? Just find out the lamps at the nearest store!


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