8 tropical nursery room designs to add summer vibes to our homes
8 tropical nursery room designs to add summer vibes to our homes

8 Tropical Nursery Room Designs To Add Summer Vibes To Our Homes

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To decorate a nursery room with tropical touch for your little, it doesn’t have to with bold color. It will be cuter to use neutral color. Tropical means we add summer vibes to a room. Whether you want to design it for little boy or girl, or might be gender neutral, it should be with tropical character like leaves.

With Pink Tropical Print Walls


You know, tropical bedroom doesn’t have to be with green leaves. See this nursery room with a pink chair that looks cute to combine with pink tropical walls. Then, a glam chandelier spruces it up. Add a shiny ottoman too.

With A Leaf Print Wall


This nursery room is awesome with faux fur rug and cowhide for a place to play. Then a white leather ottoman looks elegant besides grey armchair. Furthermore, add lots of natural light for a sleek and clean look.

Tropical Nursery For A Boy


To welcome your new baby boy, design a cool but fresh nursery room for him. Choose a blue palm print wall for natural sensation. Then, printed rugs make it look modern and chic. Then, warm-colored wooden furniture finishes this room.

With Pink And Palm Leaf Print Textiles


A baby girl will love to see more colors and patterns at this nursery room. See a pink faux fur blanket is awesome. It works well with pink bed. Further, gold ottoman finishes this design with little touch of glam too.

With Natural Wood Furniture


What makes this nursery room looks interested is the use of a large tropical plant in a pot that looks fresh. Then, the owner adds much light is very welcoming. Overall, this is a warm place for boys or girls with wooden furniture.

With Pink Flamingo Wallpaper


Like we have told you before that tropical doesn’t meant with green leaves. This nursery room is great with pink flamingo wallpaper and pink chair. Even, you can see the pillow also uses pink.

With A Banana Leaf Print Wall


Look at this nursery room with banana leaves on the wall that add natural feel. Then, black and white is enough to create contrast view. Further, the use of wooden flooring is great to add warm and cozy atmosphere.

An Eye-Catchy Wallpaper Wall


A nursery room with forest wallpaper will spruce it up amazingly. Look at the banana leaves with monkeys and some other green trees that look fresh. In contrast, a pink chandelier functions as the focal interest.


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