8 eye-catching outdoor stairs designs to ease of access on the garden
8 eye-catching outdoor stairs designs to ease of access on the garden

8 Eye-Catching Outdoor Stairs Designs To Ease Of Access On The Garden

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Outdoor stairs are not formal, unlike indoor stairs that designed well. The garden with different soil surface makes us hard to build the stairs. So, it should be with stone or other material that are durable and can defense any season. However, it has to with eye-catching design too.

Traditional Landscape Stairs


Garden stairs with railroad ties will be more durable. Moreover, you can find easily the materials. The owner uses ties for steps to look natural. Then, gravel stone that border the stairs also will make it stronger.

Contemporary Landscape Steps


This is a pretty garden stairs with various colors and textures. The designer combines concrete and basal gravel for beautifying this step. It will create sophisticated even if you just build the smaller one.

Traditional Landscape Steps


Your garden looks mind-blowing by this stacked stones for more traditional feeling. When your garden with longer walks and wide stone or located well win hillside, this garden stairs look more than just beautiful.

Stone Steps Garden Stairs


If your hose located in hill, this landscape may look as a great idea. Using stone step is not only durable but also strong. For you who love contemporary-inspired landscape, this concept may look interesting.

Asian Inspired Garden Stairs


Garden stair doesn’t have to build from stone. You can use wood as well, or the combination of wood and stone. This Asian inspired garden stair also will attract your guest. See the framed wooden steps, the rocks, and lights that are perfect.

Modern Inspired Landscape


Surrounded by plants, the wooden stair at this garden looks amazing. Then, it combined well with relaxing patio. You need to prepare plenty woods.

Modern Floating Concrete Steps


If you wish to have modern stair for your garden, take a look at this idea. Floating concrete steps are awesome. Add some polka dots with various colors and sizes. So, it looks funky and cool.

Long But Shallow Step


Build stairs for outdoor need to consider the condition of soil, the material, and the surrounding. At this garden, we can see the stairs are made from charcoal mossy concrete and natural stones look cool and touching.

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