8 Fabulous Home Items Made With Lace Doilies To Upgrade Your Decor

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Lace tells us more about delicate and feminine touch. This material can be used for creating craft to improve your home decoration. Further, it adds vintage style but not boring.  Even, it will neither take time nor money. You can see these following DIYs from lace doilies that may inspire you;

Decorative Tea Light Candle


Lace doily bowls that used for tea light candle looks soft and cute. This craft will beautify your nook without too busy. Even, use this item for decorating party is great too. A DIY newbie also can make this just less than an hour.

Brightly Colored Crochet Lace Coasters


Creating craft from lace is fun. Combine some lace colors to have crochet lace coaster like the picture. You may need to learn how to create crochet firstly. Oh, you can create bigger one for plate too.

DIY Table Runner


If you want to upgrade your table decor at spring, this DIY table runner may look attractive. This picture is lace doilies in different size that tight together by sewing. You can have in various shape and colors as creative as you like to do.

Homemade Doily Wall Art


Your guest may give their smile after seeing this fantastic doily wall art. Brighten up your wall space by adding this framed wall art that easy to make. Prepare canvas, make outline, add scrap fabric with any pattern, and attach the doily lace.

Doily Garland Craft


This is a fun craft that will upgrade your lighting design tremendously. Look at the garland with various color and some string lights for better performance. Use this decor for summer party or daily outdoor and indoor lighting too.

Covered Lampshade Project


Using this covered lampshade will create delicate shadows for your room. Though it doesn’t affect your room decor, but create soft effect towards your room appearance at night. Then, it will give you a nice view before sleep.

Lace Doily Lamp DIY


A big bowls that covered by lace doily create tremendous effect for your lamp. As a decorative accent, this item brings unique touch too. You can do the same with smaller bowl for tiny lamp.

Lace Doily Curtain DIY


When you add doily curtain DIY for your window, it adds vintage touch. Actually, this is an easy DIY. However, you need to learn how to make it from video or ask someone to teach you. Play with more color for other fabulous effect.

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