9 asian patio designs for more relaxing outdoor feel
9 asian patio designs for more relaxing outdoor feel

9 Asian Patio Designs For More Relaxing Outdoor Feel

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Outdoor area can be more useful when you build a patio. To have a fresh and relaxing patio, you need to install Asian patio design. It deals with wood, bamboo, statue, and other natural elements. If you want to have Asian patio look, you can steal these ideas;

A Wooden Patio With A Bench


This simple patio may look attractive because of Asian touch. See the red bright pillow and a wooden bucket water fountain that real Asian. Furthermore, this patio also applies more wooden material too.

Antique Patio With Wall Decor


This patio is actually done in simple decoration. However, what make it looks special is the antique architectural from its wall. It is made from concrete with artistic carving. Some people may adore taking a picture at this spot.

Combination Of Lines And Patterns


Spending leisure time at this patio will be more fun and relaxing. See the various wood size and bamboo that tells us more about Asian touch. Even this place can be used for holding summer party too.

Patio With Partition


See this patio that looked as the best place to take a rest. With more plants, this place provide you more natural element. Then, a bamboo that take a role as partition gives us Asian touch.

Lovely Asian Patio


See the lights that look awesome at night. Then, the sculpture at the center of this patio also tells more about Asian tradition. Moreover, the plants give us natural view to boost our mood.

Patio With Bamboo


The owner of this house use wicker furniture to get a warmer patio. There is a huge bowl for fire pit too. Then a grey pergola makes this place cozy and comfy. Then, some bamboo plants give a fresh patio look.

Relaxing Patio


What a fantastic patio is this. Look at the spa that will make you feel like in heaven. A statue on the nook gives a touch of traditional Asian design. it looks

Modern And Asian Style


Get your outdoor more splendid by applying this design. Look at the grey seating and bright pillows that work well with fire pit. The bamboo trees grow well at the side of this area beautifully. Then, look at the white lantern that looks sophisticated.

Neutral Color For Asian Patio


Asian look doesn’t have to be with red color. You can see this patio with neutral color tone. A statue next to the seating shows  Asian feel without too busy.

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