8 moroccan living room designs that will catch your breath
8 moroccan living room designs that will catch your breath

8 Moroccan Living Room Designs That Will Catch Your Breath

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Moroccan living room will deal with rugs and pillows. You will find gold, yellow, green, blue, and red colors. Then, most of them are with wool and flat weave materials. If you want to apply Moroccan style for living room, make sure that it will not look clutter. Check out these ideas further;

Comfy Moroccan Living Room


Look at the tufted gold seating that shows you a real Moroccan style. At this picture we can find Moroccan on patterns on the pillows and rug. White color wall will show every texture in this living room clearly.

Moroccan Living Room With Blue Sofa


The owner of this house creates huge effect by installing blue sofa. Further, it filled with orange color too. The table shows you clearly about Moroccan style. Then, the rug completes its look very interestingly.

Moroccan Living Room With Sliding Door


When we come to this living room, we will directly see Moroccan lamps that hung on beams. A round table also uses Moroccan pattern too. Even the mirrors on the wall and some pillows also finish this room very well.

Vibrant Moroccan Living Room


The combination of blue and gold perfectly show a glamour Moroccan style that will blow our mind. Look at the ottoman with attractive color and unique shape. Then, see the lamps that also will make us swoon.

Magical Living Room


This living room is truly Moroccan with all authentic furniture items. See the sofa, rug, ottoman, table, and mirror that use Moroccan pattern. Then, the blue wall indicates Moroccan character too.

Minimalist Moroccan Living Room


White wall make us notice all furniture items at this living room clearly. See the blue sofa and its green pillow that real Moroccan. Then, the white ottomans also enlighten this living room style. Even, the window shape also tells us more.

Bright Moroccan Living Room


When we come to this living room, we can see a sharp entryway with tremendous accents hung on the ceiling. Then, brown leather seating with lighter rug makes this room looks elegant. Even the mirrors also looked as decorative accents too.

With Splendid Pillows


Yellow sofa looked awesome with Moroccan patterned pillows. Look at dark brown table that beautify this living space very well. You can see the lanterns on the wall that look mysterious but awesome.

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