8 medicine cabinet makeover ideas that easy to do even for diy newbie
8 medicine cabinet makeover ideas that easy to do even for diy newbie

8 Medicine Cabinet Makeover Ideas That Easy To Do Even For DIY Newbie

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Medicine cabinet is important for bathroom. It can be used for saving first aid remedies, bathroom stuffs, essentials, and medicine. However, seeing its design may look monotonous. Upgrade it up periodically may look better. You can give wallpaper, repaint, or adding glass and mirror. Check out these ideas further;

Cheerful Cabinet Makeover


If you already feel bored with your old cabinet, makeover it will upgrade its look. See this cabinet that looks cheerful and attractive after makeover. The owner adds wallpaper to upgrade its look. Feel free to choose the pattern as you like.

DIY First Aid


A cool first aid cabinet doesn’t have to take much money. By using chalkboard, you can upgrade its look easily. Write down your message or poet or anything at the chalkboard. Then anybody will see it whenever they want to open the medicine cabinet.

Wood Medicine Cabinet


Build your own medicine cabinet by using wood. Choose light color wood to look bright. Add mirror at the front. To create this medicine cabinet you need to have at least basic carpentry skill. Then, arrange your medicines, essentials, and stuffs.

Recessed Medicine Cabinet Bathroom Storage


Medicine cabinet made from glass looks elegant and inviting. Even, you can create the shelves from glass for clean and sleek look. Extra tall size will let you save as many as you have.

A Medicine Cabinet From A Mirror DIY


This cabinet looks glam and elegant. White will always bring sleek. Add mirror to reflect the light. So, the bathroom will appear larger and brighter. Attach it over the sink to make you easy to reach it whenever.

Recessed Medicine Cabinet DIY


Built-in medicine cabinet will not take much space. You can create the cabinet over the sink with mirror. Additional lighting will make this room more elegant and bright.

Framed Medicine Cabinet


Improve your bathroom look by installing medicine cabinet with frame. You need to buy the frame and attach it with your cabinet. After that, paint it with any color as you like or just fit it with your bathroom decor.

Green And White Medicine Cabinet


A fabulous cabinet doesn’t have to expensive. You can just add wallpaper to beautify it. Paint the cabinet with white color firstly. Even a DIY newbie can make it in less than a day.

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