8 living rooms with bookshelf to encourage more people reading habbit
8 living rooms with bookshelf to encourage more people reading habbit

8 Living Rooms With Bookshelf To Encourage More People Reading Habit

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Living room is an area when many people will seat and relax. Encourage them to read by installing bookshelf is nice idea. It doesn’t only books but magazine too. Maximize your wall space by adding bookshelf might be great for your living room design.

Living Room In Red


We don’t talk about the wall color, but seating area. With this red, we will feel like in mysterious room. Reading our favorite book at this place may look challenging because of the lighting fixture that is not too bright.

Bits Of Yellow


You will adore this living room concept that gives space-pretty neat decoration. Look at the yellow seating for the chairs and couch and the ottoman are at the same color. Even the shelves are in yellow color too.

Living Room With Built-in Bookshelf


A living room with bookshelf might be one of your dreams. See this idea of built-in bookshelf that sophisticated and charming. You don’t even need to create additional space. It uses the spot under the window.

With Floor-To-Ceiling Bookshelf


Just take a space that near the seating to install a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf. Make it pretty with neutral color. Like this idea of white color with same size cubby holes to look clean and neat. Combine with contrast color couch to break dullness.

Living Room With Glorious Bookshelf


Look at this dreamy living room with glass and wooden accents. A glorious bookshelf stands alone at entire wall. Then, white furniture items come to make this room brighter, larger, and airy. However, pay attention when your kids come to this area.

Living Room And Corner White Bookshelf


When you already apply neutral color for living room, it will be nice to install bold color for seating. See the blue chair and ottoman that look awesome for this area. Sit there and read your most favorite book. The corner bookshelf completes this spot very interestingly.

Recessed Shelves On Living Room


The spot on the wall can be used for recessed bookshelf to save books. You can copy this design if you are lucky with large room area. Though with ordinary furniture items, this living room looked attractive with wooden floor and glass door.

With A Black Bookshelf


If you wish to have timeless living room decor, you can copy this idea. A black bookshelf looks awesome to combine with black bookshelf. This is a simple but elegant living room decor that fit to apartment too.

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