8 front door decoration ideas with bold color paint for eye-catching outdoor area
8 front door decoration ideas with bold color paint for eye-catching outdoor area

8 Front Door Decoration Ideas With Bold Color Paint For Eye-Catching Outdoor Area

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Your front door is the first place that tells your guest about your house style. Adding some accents like wreath, potted plants or other stuff will spruce it up. Even, you can crate string lights too. Bold color front door will be nice decor. You can see these following bold color font doors that may inspire you.

Bold Fuchsia Front Door


This is a wonderful front door that will attract your guest. Look at bold fuchsia that has the same color with bougainvilleas next to it. Then, you can see the stones that look natural and inviting too.

Bold Orange Front Door


This simple front door design looks warm and relaxing. The tree with orange leaves looks parallel with the front door color. You can see green plants and potted flowers that also beautify this spot with natural touch.

Sunny Yellow Modern Front


For you who have modern house, this front door design may attract your attention. With two glasses in each side and white color around, the design look sleek. Then yellow pots next to the door add cohesive look.

Vintage Orange Front Door


This front door makes you feel warm and relax. Look at the glass pane and pumpkins that create huge statement. This front door decoration will be great for fall season but can be used for long year as well.

Dazzling Blue Front Door


White and blue remind us about the color of sea that bring warm atmosphere. At this front door decoration, you may combine it with the same color pots with fruits.

Sage Green Door


Green is beautiful and fresh. It tells us more about natural beauty that will make us feel calm and comfy. Take a look at green plant and flowers that will blow our mind too.

Purple Front Door


Purple is elegant for front door painting. Add a wreath with flowers that has the same color with the door too. Then, you can add a green plant next to it. The other side you can install a bench or other furniture items that can be used as storage.

 Vintage-Inspired Door


If you love vintage style, this front door can be copied. Look at the glass tile on the door that combined well with simple window next to it. Then, a letter box inspires you to add classic look.


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