8 bathrooms with wooden oval bathtub for more relaxing and natural feeling
8 bathrooms with wooden oval bathtub for more relaxing and natural feeling

8 Bathrooms With Wooden Oval Bathtub For More Relaxing And Natural Feeling

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You will find many houses apply wooden floor, wooden wall, and wooden ceiling. Wooden based material furniture items will make us feel warm and relax. Installing wooden based material for bathroom is nice. Bathtub that made from wood material will make us feel calm and comfy. Take a look at bathroom designs below that use wooden oval bathtub!

With Metal Fixtures


What an elegant bathroom is this. Look at the floor that uses wood that combined well with the wooden wall too. Almost every single thing at this room uses wood as its basic material. Then, look at the bathtub! It is real glamour.

Beautiful Half Coconut Shell


You will feel gorgeous experience taking bath at this beautiful half coconut shell. The shape is unique and the material is natural. So, you will never regret to spend your time at this bathtub more. Feel free to use it for minimalist and or rustic bathroom.

Wood And Metal Bathtub


At this rustic bathroom, you can find its furniture items are made from wood. Let us see the dresser, floating shelves, side table, and the horse. Then, look at the bathtub with wood and metal material that beautifies this bathroom.

Relaxing Polished Wood Bathtub


What a dreamy bathroom look ever! See how a unique vanity takes our attention. Then, the built in storage with wood frame that real sophisticated. Furthermore, an elegant wooden bathtub with pebbles underneath is awesome.

Polished Free-Standing Wooden Bathtub


If you love minimalist bathroom look, try this amazing polished free-standing wooden bathtub. Look at the wall and flooring pattern that real sophisticated. Gain more relaxing time at this bathroom every day.

Minimalist Light-Colored Wooden Bathtub


Plank wooden floor will add a touch of warm feeling to a bathroom. Then, match it with the walls pattern too. Further, install metal fixture to complete this relaxing bathroom to boost our mood.

Large Rich-Stained Wooden Bathtub


Add natural color for this bathroom by installing large rich-stained wooden bathtub. Go with neutral color walls such as grey or white. Then, apply glass window for having plenty natural light.

Classic Japanese Ofuro Bathtub


No matter a contemporary or rustic bathroom, this classic bathtub will add warm touch. Even it will be fit for small bathroom too. Make sure you apply glass window for attaching more natural light.


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