8 kitchen designs with white countertop and wood for awesome feels
8 kitchen designs with white countertop and wood for awesome feels

8 Kitchen Designs With White Countertop And Wood For Awesome Feels

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White kitchen countertop looks elegant and clean. It shows us how the owner cares this spot. Further, white is neutral that can be mixed with any colors for more attractive look. Combine it with wooden based material is great idea to see a sleek cooking space. See these kitchens with white countertop below;

Modern Kitchen With White Countertop


Wooden kitchen will always look great. With white countertop, white floor, and white wall, this cooking space looked brighter. Consider to add more lamps for better lighting.

Rustic Contemporary Cooking Space


Most of furniture items here use wooden material. Contrast color between white tile and wood tell us about how contemporary and rustic style are mixed.

With A Touch Of Moroccan


You can see a touch of Moroccan style through the use of metal pendant light. A TV set accompany you while cooking meals. Then, look at the kitchen island and bar that sleek and clean with white countertop.

Elegant Cooking Space


IF you are lucky with large area, you can build this elegant cooking space. Apply white countertop is one the best way to gain elegant kitchen decoration. However, you need to spend more money time and space to have this elegant design.

Exposed Wood On The Side


This kitchen shows you more about a contemporary farmhouse look. See the kitchen with white countertop and other modern furniture items. The farmhouse can be seen through the exposed wood on the side of the kitchen bar.

With Hints Of Colors


Adding hints of colors for white kitchen will make it fun. This kitchen is funky with vibrant color picture. Then you can install some flowers for natural sensation. You will erase depressed feeling only by seeing this cooking space design. Believe it!

With L-Shaped Counter


White countertop kitchen is great to combine with grey marble kitchen island. The, wooden floor and white walls complete its look very well. This design will be great for modern house to look neat and sleek.

With Long Kitchen Bar


This is a kitchen design that many people dreamed for. Look at the white countertop and marble top on the bar. They look real awesome. Further, the idea of installing glass wall makes this area larger and brighter too.

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