9 creative wall-mounted storage ideas to save kid’s stuffed toys easily
9 creative wall-mounted storage ideas to save kid’s stuffed toys easily

9 Creative Wall-Mounted Storage Ideas To Save Kid’s Stuffed Toys Easily

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Kid’s room usually filled with many toys, one of them is stuffed toys. We need to create more storage to save kid’s toys and make the room looks tidy and neat. You can use boxes, wire basket, or pocket. Wall-mounted storage is one of the best ideas that will help us to store kid’s toys without take more spaces. See these inspiring toys storage below;

Hooks For Storage


You can use target basket to save stuffed animal storage. Use removable hook to ease you. It will be great to attach it on the wall at your room nook.

Painted Metal Basket


If you want to add attractive nook that also function as storage, just paint your basket and use it for kid’s toys storage. Use hook to attach it on the wall. It will look tidy and organized well just like the picture.

Painted Crates


Some old crates also can be functioned as storage. You can use nails to attach it on the wall. It will be better to paint the crates before.

Kitchen Drawers As Toys Storage


Create this storage to keep your kid’s stuffed animals by using kitchen drawers that hung on white chain. Then, attach the storage on the wall to look more organized. Feel free to paint the chain with other colors as you like.

Trash Baskets As Storage


Trash basket can be used for other functions too. Like this idea that uses trash basket as kid’s stuffed toys storage that mounted on the wall. Even, you can create more than one item.

Hanging Swing Storage


It seems like they are swinging. Those stuffed animals are arranged well on hanging swing storage. You only need to spend little price for creating this amazing item.

Simple Hanging Shelf


With one board and a rope, you can create this simple but eye-catching storage. Hang it on the wall and add a beautiful ribbon for accent.

Comfy Hanging Basket


Hanging basket will help you to save your kid’s storage tidily. Even, it can be the focal interest of your kid’s room. Even a DIY newbie can create this on budget storage.

Unique Cardboard Boxes


You can create a unique and eye-catching storage by using cardboard. Choose colorful cardboard and make it in circular shape. Then, attach them on the wall by using glue.


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