8 easy ways to decorate window for better view at home
8 easy ways to decorate window for better view at home

8 Easy Ways To Decorate Window For Better View At Home

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A house without window is like a cave, spooky and dark. The function of window can be for decorative accents too or create balance depending on the size of your room. Let us see more inspiring window treatment that will blow our mind;

Window Rattan Blinds


A tiny bathroom should have window for air workflow. It also lets natural light comes more. You can treat the window with rattan blinds for better privacy area. Even, it can be functions as decorative element too.

Window Sheer White Curtains


A window with sheer white curtain will allow you to get natural light. Keep your privacy with elegant look. Apply it from ceiling to floor to get glamour touch but simple. Then, white is neutral color that will be fit to any colors.

Window With Multi-Hued Curtains


To have a cool and cozy room decoration, apply multi-hued curtains. You will see a stylish window decor that will not look too much. Hang a swing chair next to it for a reading nook or just a place to get better rest.

Window With Dramatic Curtains


Apply bold color curtain for a long window to make it feel glamour. Even for a kitchen room with plenty of furniture items. Ceiling to floor curtain is the best choice for a touch of comfy room.

Window With Fancy Frames


Look at the fancy frames over the windows! It comes with nice shape with gold knobs. Those are not only to treat the window but also as the focal interest of this room. Just make sure to choose the color that cohesive with the walls.

Window With Reading Nook


Rather than applying curtain right after the window, it will be more attractive to create reading nook. It will be the best place for you to spend your leisure time every day.

Window With Farmhouse Shutters


For your kitchen area, apply window is a must to have a bright and airy cooking space. Create a farmhouse kitchen design by using shutters. You can create the shutters or ask a professional to make it for you.

Window With Classic Shades


No curtain at these windows, but shutters. The owner of this house applies the shades of white for glamour and quite room appearance.

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