8 unique handmade chandeliers that will inspire you
8 unique handmade chandeliers that will inspire you

8 Unique Handmade Chandeliers That Will Inspire You

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Chandelier is lighting fixture that will affect room decoration. There are plenty variations of chandelier that can be bought from the store. However, it will expensive if you choose the marvelous one. You can create a gorgeous chandelier with personal touch. Like these following ideas;

Crystal Chandelier Handmade


If you have an old chandelier, spruce it. Paint with vibrant color for funky look. Then, add some crystal to make it shinier at night. Hang that handmade chandelier on the ceiling of your dining room, living, room, or even bedroom.

Wire Hanging Baskets Chandelier


Wire baskets can add a touch of glamour feeling for your room with simple creativity. Paint it with vibrant color and add crystal for accent. It will spruce up your bedroom or any room you wish.

Gold Chandelier


This chandelier with gold touch looks great for party. Gold paper will shine at night and reflect the light. So, you will have a touch of glamour decor for your room with little price. Even, you can ask your kids to create it together.

With Lots Of Wires


We can create a chandelier from lots of wires too. Find out some bulb and attach it with wires. Hang it on the ceiling of your kitchen or any room. This chandelier looks great for a home with industrial style.

Chandelier Mason Jars


Mason jars can be repurposed for other functional way. Like this idea of creating chandelier from Mason jars. Hang them with wires. Then, attach them on the ceiling. It will give you a rustic touch and more personal furniture item.

Charming DIY Sputnik Chandelier


This chandelier is pretty charming. Even, this chandelier can be used for party too. You need more time to create this, but the result will be amazing. Use it for living room will be nice.

Flower Chandelier


Can you imagine that plastic bottle can be repurposed for this superb chandelier? You only need to paint the bottle and cut it into tiny pieces for petal. Then attach it with the bulb by using glue.

Beautiful Yarn Chandelier


Create this craft with your kids will be a great project this week. Use colorful yarn for more attractive chandelier.  It can be for kids room or library room to add a touch of calm and comfy lighting.

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