8 fabulous bathroom designs with decorative wall tiles
8 fabulous bathroom designs with decorative wall tiles

8 Fabulous Bathroom Designs With Decorative Wall Tiles

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Today, we are given advance technology that will make us easier to create architectural design. So, there are numbers of printed tiles to be used for our home decor. Even, we can ask to have more personal printed pattern tiles. Like these following ideas of bathroom with decorative wall tiles that will blow our mind;

Various Prints


At this bathroom you can see a wooden counter that brings warm feeling for this bathroom. There are two mirrors hung on the wall that reflect the lighting beautifully. The walls are from the combination of some various prints tile.

Modern Patterns


Creative black and white flooring gains this bathroom into modern look. Then, a modern patterns tile wall gives us tremendous decorative pattern on the wall. Here, you can install green plant to complete this bathroom style.

Printed And Plain Wall Tiles


Apply bold pink tile for your bathroom, or other colors as you like. Then, combine it with printed tile with similar color. White color tile will complete its look. feel free to install the same bold color bathtub too.

Damask Wall Tiles


For you who love modern design, this bathroom may look attractive. Look at the damask wall that is sophisticated and eye-catching. Even the mounted toilet and vanity is designed well for contemporary style.

Floral Mosaic Wall Tiles


What a glamour bathroom look is this! See the bathtub at the center of water that is sophisticated and awesome. Then the printed floor comes to add modern touch. Floral mosaic wall tiles will be the focal interest of this room.

Green Printed Tiles


Yellow, white, grey, and green printed tiles make this bathroom more than just mind blowing. The role of wooden item there gives contrast look. The rest is white element comes to make this room brighter. Look at the floor with neutral touch that calm and warm.

Doodled Wall


There are textured tiles fill the wall and flooring with earthy color tone. At one of the side walls, you can see black and white tiles for a touch of doodled wall. The lighting on the wall also finishes this room perfectly.

Bathroom With Glamour Touch


This is other options of floral mosaic tiles for bathroom wall. White and earthy colors are there to create luxurious bathroom style. You will have wonderful experience here.

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