8 delightful kitchen terrazzo designs that eco-friendly and modern
8 delightful kitchen terrazzo designs that eco-friendly and modern

8 Delightful Kitchen Terrazzo Designs That Eco-Friendly And Modern

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There are various materials that can be used to build kitchen countertop, island, and or cabinet. Of course each of them has pros and cross. We need to choose the best kitchen material that will be fit to our kitchen decor. One of the most favorite materials for upgrading kitchen look is terrazzo. If you want to use it for your kitchen, try to see these ideas below;

White With Black Terrazzo


When you want to have a modern kitchen, you can apply black and white terrazzo for backsplash and countertops. Combine with wooden cabinet for a touch of warm and comfy kitchen design.

With Grey Confetti Terrazzo


This kitchen is awesome with terrazzo for its countertop and backsplash. Even, the owner also uses it for kitchen island. Then, it combined well with light-colored wooden cabinet for a touch of trendy and stylish kitchen decor.

Grey Terrazzo


Grey will be fit to any colors. Like this kitchen with light-colored ply wood cabinets that work well with grey terrazzo backsplash. This design looks sleek and neat for your kitchen. Will you try it?

Grey Spotted Terrazzo Backsplash


This kitchen is built in grey color tone. Look at the wall and ceiling that looks great with shades of grey. However, the use of light pink cabinet and grey spotted terrazzo is a tremendous decor to a calm and quite cooking space.

With Dark Terrazzo


It doesn’t have to neutral color tone for kitchen cabinet. You can use vibrant color too to design your kitchen. Like this cooking space with light green cabinets that combine with dark terrazzo countertops and backsplash.

Dark Stained Cabinets


Grey terrazzo countertop and backsplash also work well with dark stained dresser. Let the wall with white color to make this cooking space appears calm and touching. Then, feel free to apply bold utensils to finish.

Colorful Terrazzo Countertops


This cooking space is stylish with bold emerald cabinets. Then it looks more impressive by the use of brass frame. Colorful terrazzo countertops complete its look very well for a touch of delightful cooking space decor.

Black And White Spotted Terrazzo Countertops


Black and white terrazzo seems as this cooking space focal interest. Due to the rest of it is neutral design. Look at the cabinet in neutral color and the flooring with herringbone wooden floor.


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