8 relaxing outdoor designs with water feature to inspire you
8 relaxing outdoor designs with water feature to inspire you

8 Relaxing Outdoor Designs With Water Feature To Inspire You

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Water feature become an element of garden that will make it looks soft and relaxing. Hearing the sounds of water will give us calm and quite feels. Even, it can be the focal interest of your outdoor area. It can works well with rocks, stones, pebble, or green plants. See these following water feature ideas to inspire you;

Rectangles And Straight Lines


Green outdoor is a perfect place to get more relaxing time. Take a look at the water feature that makes us feel calm and quite. It looks perfect for front yard or backyard garden design. Even, you don’t have to feel worry about the space size.

A Bowl Of Water


This is super big bowl that filled with stones and or pebbles create a unique water feature. Furthermore, it is sat on green grass. The white color makes it easier to seen from far distance and that looked like nest.

Tiny Water Falls


Add dramatic view to your garden by installing this sophisticated water feature. It designed well with stones and green plants around. So, it reminds us about the beauty of nature with its relaxing sound.

Urn-Like Features


Water feature with urn-like feature seems great for your front yard with plants surround it. Look at the picture of water feature above with decorative faucet design that looks attractive, even for small front yard space.

With Small Crack


Look at this water feature that shows us how water can flow through a small crack. This view will bring us to feel calm and relax. It seems like a small water fall in a garden. Though it is a simple water feature but look eye-grabbing.

White and Yellow Water Feature


Whenever you put this water feature design, it will look as your garden focal interest. With this unique feature, your will have more personalize garden design. The stones are great to reflect your spirit of life.

Suburban Chic Motif


This patio looks amazing with suburban chic motif to gain relaxing outdoor area. With water feature on its foot, this area is the best place to spend our leisure time at holiday with family or friends.

Water Feature Frog Sculpture


You can install water feature for your pond as well.  With large stones and green plants, this pond already has its natural beauty. The water feature frog sculpture completes its look very well.

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