8 epic kitchen design ideas with mainly feel to inspire you
8 epic kitchen design ideas with mainly feel to inspire you

8 Epic Kitchen Design Ideas With Mainly Feel To Inspire You

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When a kitchen usually built for women, it comes with feminine touch. However, not only women who come to this cooking space. Men who are busy with their outdoor projects also sometimes come to kitchen for cooking. In other words, men also have right to cook. Even, some of them are professional chief. Then, for men, these are the ideas of masculine cooking space designs to inspire you;

Modern Kitchen With An Industrial Touch


Build a kitchen for men doesn’t have to look monotonous. This kitchen is awesome with brick walls and, grey kitchen island, and black cabinet. It will be nice for men to cook at this cooking space with neutral color tone.

Kitchen With Dark Wood


Men’s style is seen from the use of dark color tone use. This cooking space utilizes dark wood for its wall and kitchen island. Add lighting and glass window to make this space brighter.

Wood And White Looks


It is gender neutral for a kitchen with wood material and white wall. Black and white rug adds a touch of masculine tone without break up the look. Then, the glass wall let you enjoy the indoor garden next to this cooking space.

Spacious Kitchen Design


Black cabinet and kitchen Island already tell us about masculine touch form this modern cooking space. Furthermore, you can see the skylight and glass door that lead the owner to see outdoor view. Even, there are plenty lights to create a bright kitchen look.

Kitchen With Curvy Elements


The focal interest of this cooking space is seen at the uses of curvy elements, the cabinet and kitchen island. Further, this cooking space shows us about futuristic accents like the stools with white color. Overall, this is totally awesome kitchen design.

Kitchen With Futuristic Appeal


Welcome to a kitchen with sophisticated design. Here, this kitchen applies unique angular counter to look attractive. White color completes this room as luxurious contemporary cooking space design for men.

Kitchen With Grays And Wooden Features


At this kitchen, you can see grays and wooden features that tell us more about masculine look. Even the lighting is design to complete this theme. For a touch of natural tone, bring some green plants inside.

Dramatic Kitchen Look


This kitchen is design seriously for men. The uses of dark wood for cabinet, kitchen island, and flooring already gain mainly feel. Even the lighting comes with dramatic tone that leads us to a masculine cooking space.

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