Make a Gorgeous Nursery Room for Your Little One with 3 DIY Art Idea

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Substantively, nursery rooms need to be as adorable as your kids and babies. With 3 DIY ideas bellow, you can have beautiful additional Nursery art to make your own gorgeous nursery room.

1 Nursery Prints That Tell the Tale


From now on Moms and Dads will no longer feel frustrated searching on the internet for hours just to look for good nursery prints. Now you have nursery print which can tell the tale. All you need is only pages from your old favorite children’s books and some inexpensive frames which you can buy in your local store. All these elements will transform into meaningful and classic wall art for your kids. Not only that, with the right sequence from your nursery prints it will help you to tell the tale for your little one.

2 A Cute Silhouette


It is not always Human that can be subject to Silhouette. For your adorable kid, you can use animals as the subject for the silhouette figures. If you don’t like animals, then you can also use a tree, a car or whatever you think is cute to be hanged on your kid’s room.
First, you’ve got the image, use it as a template to create a silhouette. Second, Put it on some adorable fabric and trace its outline and mark it with a pen. Third, cut the fabric based on the outline mark, once you have done it. Fourth, put it on contrasting background and use craft glue. For the final touch add a nice frame and hang it on the wall.

3 Alphabet Theme

Alphabets Card

If you are looking for the alphabet theme, then you should consider using an attractive flashcard. Although, it is classic, with some touch it can transform into Modern Nursery Prints. Pick a pack of alphabet flashcard that you think cute then put them on the Frame individually, or you can also create a colorful collage.

Now, you will no longer need to spend a lot of money to make your nursery room look gorgeous. With those ideas above, you can have additional art to make the room look more gorgeous.

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