Simple Bathroom Decorations to Cure your Headache
Simple Bathroom Decorations to Cure your Headache

Simple Bathroom Decorations to Cure your Headache

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Bathroom is one of the most important rooms in our house. We use it as a place to sing, to cry and especially to get ready in the morning. Knowing how important the bathroom is, many people having headache just to decorate their bathroom. But do not be worry! Here we give you how to decorate your bathroom, and these are some ideas that you can use to decorate your bathroom.

1 Use Wallpaper

Use Wallpaper

Using wallpaper in your bathroom can be tricky, but with the right choice ant touch, your wallpaper can help you transform your bathroom with new look.

2 Art Work

Art Work

For you who love artwork, you can to change with three-dimensional object with the same value of art work. This will boost the value of art in your bathroom.

3 Extra Storage

Extra Storage

This one is for you who have limited space in your bathroom and need extra storage, you can use vertical shelf to keep your toiletries like towel and toilet papers. You can also add house plant to add sense of nature in your bathroom.

4 Use Wooden Furniture


Using wooden furniture and unused wooden ladder in your bathroom will add vintage scene and calming atmosphere in your bathroom.

5 Kids Artwork

Kids Artwork

We can’t forget our kids, sometimes our kids artwork can become one of many ideas to liven up our bathroom. Combine with fun and vibrant color, we can change from ordinary into extraordinary bathroom space.

6 Use Large Mirror

Large Mirror

To make your bathroom feel bigger, to throw away your stress, you can also add large hanging mirror in your bathroom. Combining with neutral backsplash, you can get a Modern scene for your bathroom. You can also choose to add texture on your backsplash.

7 Use white Color

White Color

This color will also decorate your bathroom with the feeling of openness and cleanliness. If you don’t like simple plain white color, you can add whit tiles to decorate your bathroom. Not only it will give you the feeling, but also will make your bathroom feel bigger and looks modern. Well? Which one of these decorations you like the most and would like to try? Let me know on below comment.

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