This old laboratory becomes a marvelous loft cover
This old laboratory becomes a marvelous loft cover

This Old Laboratory Becomes A Marvelous Loft

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An old building will look brand new, if we give it little touches. Bring new furniture items, repaint the wall, and add more accents to upgrade it up. This old laboratory with clack, white and many shades of grey looked awesome. Check out this loft design further to inspire you!


This room repainted in white color. So, it appears larger and brighter. The owner lets this area without room divider. Then, we can see an open layout area with neutral hues. It looks calm and cozy.


The living room provides us a cozy seating area with dark hue sofa and a TV set for entertainment. It uses industrial lighting as well. Look! The owner doesn’t erase the metal beams. Let’s have a warm conversation here.


We need an spot to spend our leisure time. This space gives us a comfy swing chair with chain. Even, we are free to read a book here as well. A tripod industrial lighting keeps this space bright.


This is a dreamy area that will boost our mood and trigger our energy. The kitchen is nice with black cabinet and countertop. Then the brick wall backdrop is truly amazing. It adds more texture with industrial tone. The dining seating looked cool with dark hues.


Here it is a dreamy bedroom for a young couple. A platform bed with dark frame is just tremendous. Then grey tone becomes the main interest of this area. At this sleeping space hopefully we will have a good dream every night.


This is the most favorite space for woman. A walk-in closet with various items to choose. The owner keeps jewelries, bags, and shoes here. There plenty shelves that make all the things organized well.


A bathroom doesn’t have to be in a large area. It can be done in a small area as well. The powder room has a white sink with towel storage underneath. A round mirror on the wall is pretty nice to fill the blank wall. It has a shower room as well.


This is an awesome furniture that fill this nook very nice. Made of an old barrel, it painted in black hue to look elegant. Put on some pictures on the top will make it more functional. Then, a floor lamp completes this nook.


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