Tremendous Fresh Kitchen Trends for 2020
Tremendous Fresh Kitchen Trends for 2020

Tremendous Fresh Kitchen Trends for 2020

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Kitchens are one of the best alternatives that you have today. It must be simple, practical, well-organized and functional without leaving aside of beautiful design. We are almost done with 2019, it is time to prepare your fresh kitchen set to face 2020 to refresh your life. Here we have tremendous fresh kitchen trends to welcome 2020.

Color Hints

Color hints

It is not an obligation to have all-white kitchen to stay on trend. Bring your kitchen into colorful furniture or you may paint a large piece as what you see on the picture. Whether you store colorful pottery in glass cabinets, you may dip your toe in the color pool instead.

Open Kitchen and Living Areas

Open kitchen and living areas

Open kitchen and living areas is fit for the next option. Making your family room and kitchen on one large room will maximize your living space. Differentiate the areas with a mix of lighting. Besides, make a cohesive looks in your open kitchen and living areas by applying uniform wall color.

Racks of Kitchen Plate

Racks of kitchen plate

Vintage of plate racks are become a big issues in 2020. Whether displayed on mounted or countertops on the walls, It is good to add a much of soul to a space and bring you an actual place to store. Moreover, it could display your dishware instead of hiding it away in a cupboard.

Mix-and-Match Kitchen Metals

Mix-and-match kitchen metals

It is no longer about matchy-matchy in 2020. You can mix and match your kitchen metals. You may choose a good nickel for your knobs then go to with a nice brass or matte or broken white for your faucet. It is tremendously fresh for you to choose a whole different metal for lighting fixtures in your kitchen.

Darker Floors

Dark floors

If you choose a light paint on your cabinetry or walls, it is a smart idea to choose a dark floor stain to up the cozy atmosphere on your kitchen.

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