Fascinating Peacock Home Decor Accessories

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Captivating, beautiful and brilliant, peacocks are created to make an entrance. A metal wall art, cushions, bedspreads and lighting and adorning paintings of peacock, these pieces are pictured to be admired. Put peacock accessories in your living room to welcome your guests, in your bedroom to make you feel pride, mix and match them in your home will make you realize that bold sometimes could more fascinating.

Here we present to you fascinating peacock home decor accessories.

Abstract Peacock Artwork

Diptych-abstract-painting-peacock-for-Fascinating Peacock Home Decor Accessories

Present peacock into different way, create a diptych in your duo-framed pieced and put it on your large white or grey wall.

Vases with Peacock Theme

Tail-inspired-vases-peacock-home-decor-Fascinating Peacock Home Decor Accessories

Release peacock undertones whit these adorable themed vases, a match for silver-hued or seaside interiors.

Beautiful Peacock Artwork on Canvas

Single-canvas-peacock-blue-Fascinating Peacock Home Decor Accessories

A canvas backing stands original art. Mimic it in this blue-hued piece, perfectly pretty above a couch.

Peacock Window Curtains 

Unique-peacock-blue-curtains-Fascinating Peacock Home Decor Accessories

Frame your bedroom view by an array of feathers. These curtains create pizzazz to any window.

Peacock Bathroom Shower Curtain

Peacock-bathroom-shower-curtainFascinating Peacock Home Decor Accessories

Have a shower curtain with the pattern of peacock is adorable with mildew, 6 feet of mold and soap resistant magnificence.

Peacock Wall Clock 

Feathered-wall-clock-peacock-kitchenFascinating Peacock Home Decor Accessories

Bring bold beauty to your kitchen with this monochromatic peacock. Spanning his feathers right around, this is a clock face you’ll want to watch everyday.

Peacock Wall Lamp 

Hanging-lamp-peacock-bedroom-decorFascinating Peacock Home Decor Accessories

Light up your bathroom or bedroom with this unique piece of peacock, a splendor in silver. An elegant teardrop holds the light on your room.

Unscented Peacock Pillar Candle

Wrap-around-candle-unscented-peacock-decorations-for-homeFascinating Peacock Home Decor Accessories

Do you love something snazzy for your Christmas table? Invite the beauty of peacock with this pillar candle, a romantic as well as unique find.

Peacock Wall Decor

Steel-and-glass-peacock-bathroom-Fascinating Peacock Home Decor Accessories

 Add flair to your bedroom or bathroom with this wall piece, resplendent in orange, turquoise and metal detail.

Stella Peacock Themed Rug

Shagpile-rug-peacock-home-Fascinating Peacock Home Decor Accessories

Want only a hint of the peacock tail? Steal its coloring with this multi-hued shag-pile rug.

Quelled Peacock Paper Wall Art

Quilled-paper-design-peacock-decoration-iFascinating Peacock Home Decor Accessories

Through this picture, you will realize that Origami isn’t the only paper art form. Engage in a spot with this eccentric paper piece for your home office. It is so colorful touch.

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