Important!! 4 Tips Before Renovating your Attic

Important!! 4 Tips Before Renovating your Attic

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Have you ever think to change your attic into something amazing? Maybe you can change your attic into bathroom, reading room, or luxurious library? Well you can always make your idea into reality anytime you want.

But before you change your attic, you need to understand these 4 Important Tips Before You Change your Attic.

1 Measurement


First you need to be aware the measurement that you will use in your attic. Since the space of your attic is most likely the same with the size of your house, then you need to have an accurate of measurement of separation for each rooms and space.

2 Remodel

As you know the characteristic of an attic room is inclined ceiling. If you want to transform your attic and make it an amazing room, then you also need to consider changing the shape of ceiling. You can try to look for modern design, or you can also try to modify it base on your necessity.

3 Lighting


From luxury to gorgeous you can change the scene on your attic simply by changing the light. Well the light is not only just come from light bulb, but the paint color on the attic Is also play important role. You can use white color to give luxurious scene, or you can use bright color to make fun scene. Or you can also mix the colors that suit your taste.

4 Positioning


When you build the room in your attic, try to positioning your location. For example when you want to make reading room, you can put it near the window dormer to give amazing view while you are reading. Or if you use your attic for bed room, you can try to have your bed in the opposition of window dormer to have an amazing view of the sky.

So what idea do you have in mind to change your attic into?

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