8 creative staircase designs that durable and functional
8 creative staircase designs that durable and functional

8 Creative Staircase Designs That Durable And Functional

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Nowadays, staircase is built with various styles. Due to it doesn’t only functioned for going up to the second level, but also as decorative element of a house. It is such a dream to have a unique staircase design for our modern home. Here are some staircase design that durable and also functional as follow. Check out further!

Beautiful Stairs


It is not only staircase but also beautiful accent. Made of structural steels, this staircase looks strong and durable. Don’t worry it will bear any weight. Look at the wooden materials that create sleek and chic appearance.

Oak Stair Treads


Wow! Is this can be called as a little heaven inside a home? Look at there are plenty thousands books all around. The staircase is functioned as book storage too. Book lovers will dream to have a bookcase like this. What about you?

Disappear Stairs


Imagine that this staircase applied on your home. The yellow color makes it blend with the wall. We love how the owner uses under the staircase as bike storage. However, be careful when kids going up, pay attention to them.

An Irregular Steel Mesh


This staircase is truly sophisticated and has artistic value. This shape works well for a modern house style. However, it needs a large space to build this centerpiece staircase. Do you want to have a staircase design like this?

Alternate Tread Stair


When you only have a small area, try this stair then. It is spatially efficient because only needs little space. Then, with strong material it will be safe for kids and adults too. The design is cool and comfortable. After that, the space underneath functions as book storage too.

Functional Staircase


It might be anyone dream to have a staircase like this picture. Consist of some shelves and boxes, the stairs are not only for going up but also storage. The space underneath also utilized for a comfy home office nook.

Blood Vessel Staircase


The architect creates this tremendous blood vessel staircase that truly sophisticated. Furthermore, it has red color as like as bloods. This unique staircase will  boost our mood every morning and brings cheerful atmosphere.

With Circular Perforations


It seems like a futuristic room with a staircase that has circular perforations that so cool. It has white color to blend with the whole room decoration. If you want to build a staircase like this, just think over about your room space.

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