Pretty Brown Living Room
Pretty Brown Living Room

Pretty Brown Living Room

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Brown is lightly but deeply incredible versatile color which creates a sense of comfort and calm for any living room. Although, brown is not as trendy as blue or white counterparts.

To beautify your living room in brown you may add rich leather furniture, such as for sofa. Somehow, leather furniture is perfectly giving an elegance atmosphere inside your room. Here we give you the information about a pretty hue of the brown living room.

Decorating With Wood

Decorating with wood Pretty Brown Living Room

You must be thinking about this idea for the brown living room. Let me remind you to not forget this simple action. Wood which has a brown color is always offering warmth to a room and feels earthy and natural.

Tree Trunk Coffee Table

Tree trunk coffee table Pretty Brown Living Room

Brown always fits anywhere. Add this tree trunk coffee table to your living room to add the rustic touch in brown. Then, the look also complete with the leather sofa. Make it interesting with navy and white color to some of the accessories like pillows or a lamp.

Pink rug and Brown Color Scheme

Pink rug and brown color scheme Pretty Brown Living Room

A brown living room does not mean you are allowed only to have all in brown. The room will be more beautiful and attractive with a bright pink rug to make the room perfect.

Brown Cowhide and Coffee Table

Brown cowhide and coffee table Pretty Brown Living Room

A balanced combination of brown is seen in this living room. The eye-catching brown cowhide rug which pairs with the beautiful brown ottoman coffee table is in the right place here.

Brown and Blue

Brown and blue Pretty Brown Living Room

This beautiful living room mixes between brown and blue. The blue patterned throw pillows look perfect on the beige couch and sweet with the wooden table.

Brown with Yellow

Brown with yellow Pretty Brown Living Room

This room is completely brown. But to make it not monotonous, this living room adds adorable few pieces of yellow, such as on the pillow.

Brown Wallpaper

Brown wallpaper Pretty Brown Living Room

Have a fun touch with a brown living room is also a good idea. As you see in the picture, this room also looks gorgeous with the brown wallpaper, beige sofa and also wooden table.

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