Cool and artistic garden pathways for modern living
Cool and artistic garden pathways for modern living

Cool And Artistic Garden Pathways For Modern Living

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Designing pathways should be based on your outdoor landscape. You have to consider the size of your garden and everything around it. To gain artistic pathway design, we can ask professional or DIY. However, make sure that you are able to consider the materials, style, and the size of the ground. Check out these garden pathways for modern living to inspire you;

An Artistic Pathway Design


This amazing pathway design works well for minimalist and or large garden area. It is done with black pebbles and rectangular tile or stone. Though you only have small garden, this pathway will give artistic value.

A Creative Pathway


If you want to gain back your mood anytime, build this amazing garden with creative pathway. Black or earthy colored pebbles and tiles work well for this large garden area. Then, this is nice with pergola too.

With Square Pavers


If you adore beautiful pathway with modern look, just try to apply this design. It has square pavers and granite walkways for an enchanting garden design. With green plants this area appears fresh and neat.

A Japanese Garden


This garden is nice and enchanting. Look how gravel, rock, and stones work well for a comfy garden area. There are green plants, trees, and green grass all around. Feel free to add lighting fixtures as well.

With Antique Pavers


Look at the pavers that truly mind-blowing. Though this is only pathway, but the owner of this garden gives us tremendous design using unique pavers with different arrangement. So, are you going to adopt this design for your large backyard?

Small Artistic Garden


These are not just a garden but a relaxing place. The stones, concrete, and plants are totally awesome. This artistic pathway will not only gives a beautiful view but also adds improve your garden style.

Just A Simple Garden


It is just a simple garden but truly picturesque. The combination of stone, gravel, and green grass creates fantastic look. The pathway is done with big stones that lead us to go to a comfy outdoor area.

Gorgeous But Simple


What about this simple pathway design? Is it applicable for your garden? The decoration will work well for both, large and small garden. The use of concrete stepping is nice to combine with green grass around.

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