Expand your house with these beatiful timber decking designs
Expand your house with these beatiful timber decking designs

Expand Your House With These Beautiful Timber Decking Designs

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Decks are usually connected to the house building. This space is used for taking a rest, get relax, and or just seeing the beautiful outside. One of the most favorite deck designed with woods or timber to gain better appearance, warm, and enchanting. These lists show you timber decking designs that truly inspiring.

A Contemporary Look Terrace


This is not just a deck with terrace, but truly a part of heavens. The designer applies timber for floor and walls. The seating also has wooden touches here and there. Two invisible elements in front of the chairs tell us about contemporary look.

Timber Deck Verandah


What about this pavilion with outdoor living area? It is done with white seating set that cool. Look! There is another seating with round wooden table besides. The timber floor add warm and beauty. We love the green plants too.

Suspended Deck Garden


Wow! There are various seating to spend more hours at this deck. Enjoy the beauty of green garden with some colorful flowers. Feel free to sit on the sofa, lounge chair, or a beautiful upholstered chair. The yellow area rug looked pretty cute.

Ipe Brazilian Hardwood


The right woods will give big impact to your deck design. This picture shows us about a deck made of ipe woods with silver patina color that truly enchanting. Then, the seating area with timber table also seen perfect.

An Eclectic Design


This wooden deck doesn’t provide us chairs for seating area. If you want to see the beauty of water, just sit on the wooden floor and hang your feet. Look at the bench with various plants that inviting and refreshing.

Deck With Pergola


Just write down this design as one of your dreams that will come true. A wooden deck with pergola is really cool for taking a rest after long day working outside. It has modern fire pit to gain warmer condition. Isn’t it a cool design?

Elegant And Unique Design


A deck with multi-level of simple lines looked elegant with various flowers. It has built-in benches for anyone who want to sit. There are two lounge chairs for us to sit and enjoy the beauty of nature everyday.

An Earthy Atmosphere


Reddish-brown hardwood at this space already tells us more about earty atmosphere. The tropical woods add more natural elements. At this space, we can hold a party, have warm conversation with family, or anything.

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